HHS Renovation

On January 24, 2013, the FCPS School Board approved the 2014-2018 Capital Improvement Plan. Based on the approved plan, planning for the renovation of Herndon High School is expected to commence in FY2014 with construction to be completed beyond the current 5-Year CIP cycle in the 2019 – 2023 timeframe. Cost associated with Planning and Construction are currently unfunded but will be considered for inclusion on the November 2013 Bond Referendum. The Board is currently evaluating the projects to be included in the Bond Referendum.

Listed below and attached is vital information regarding the planned HHS renovation schedule that WILL AFFECT your current elementary school and middle school children.

Hello HHS Pyramid PTA Leaders

At last week’s HHS PTSA meeting, FCPS Director of Design and Construction Kevin Sneed gave us an update on the FCPS renovation queue and plans for the HHS renovation. I was pleased to see a number of elementary and middle school parents in attendance. As promised, I am following up with some information.

Attached is the updated Letter to Pyramid PTA Leaders that is a synopsis of the situation: please read this. Also attached are School Board contact information and the renovation queue list itself. All will be posted on our website at http://herndonptsa.org/links-2/ in the coming days. Please send them to your school’s parents, neighbors, etc. since it’s important to share our thoughts about maintaining HHS’s spot in the queue with all School Board members.

Kevin indicated that the School Board will have a hearing regarding the renovation queue sometime in Late November in which two parents from each school (elementary, middle and high school) will be able to address the School Board members. As soon as I get that meeting date I will pass it along to you. Please begin identifying your school’s two parents and a third to serve as an alternate. We would like to hold one meeting in November with all of these parents to make sure we are coordinated.

Lastly, we will need someone to be the liaison for this group; if you are interested, please let me know. I think this will be a low-level time commitment.

Questions/comments/concerns? Please let me know.

Stephanie McClellan
HHS PTSA President

Renovation School Board Contact Information
Renovation Letter to Pyramid PTA Leaders
Renovation Queue with Districts